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专题2 词汇拼写
(2018•贵州铜仁) 根据句意和空缺处所给首字母写单词,答案书写在答题卡卷Ⅱ各小题规定位置。
86. (2018•贵州铜仁) To be a teacher is my d______.
87. (2018•贵州铜仁) Tom is old enough to take c______ of himself.
88. (2018•贵州铜仁) There are seven days in a w______.
89. (2018•贵州铜仁) S______ is the first season in a year.
90. (2018•贵州铜仁) They often r______ a bike to work.
86. dream    87. care     88. week     89. Spring    90. ride
77.(2018 • 新疆乌鲁木齐)The old man stayed a        luckily after the strong earthquake.
77. alive 句意:那位老人在强烈地震后幸运地活了下来。stay在该句中为系动词,其后应用形容词作表语;alive形容词,意为“活着的”。
80.(2018 • 新疆乌鲁木齐)Your fascinating speech is f          with positive energy.
80. filled 句意:你精彩的演讲满是正能量。be filled with固定短语,意为“充满……;满是……的”。

B)  (2018•新疆阜康米泉)根据句意及所给的词首字母或汉语提示,补全单词。
(2018•新疆阜康米泉)71.S___    is the first day of the week.
(2018•新疆阜康米泉)72.You’re good at drawing. Why not j    our school art club?
(2018•新疆阜康米泉)73.You should drink e         water every day, at least eight glasses.
71. Sunday 【解析】星期天是一星期的第一天。
72. join 【解析】句意:你擅长绘画。为什么不参加我们学校的艺术社团呢?join指参加团体等。且Why not后面接动词原形。
73. enough 【解析】由“至少八杯”可知,你应该每天喝足够的水。
(2018•山东日照)41. Too much sweet can be h_______ to kids’ teeth.
41. harmful【解析】句意:太多的糖会对孩子的牙齿有害。此处应用形容词,故填harmful。
(2018•山东日照)42. Anyone who breaks the law will be p______.
42. published【解析】句意:任何违反法律的人将会受到惩罚。publish惩罚,此处为被动语态,故填published。
(2018•山东日照)43. Mary is a_______ from class today because she is in hospital.
43. absent 【解析】句意:玛丽今天缺席了课堂,因为她住院了。be absent from意为“缺席”。
(2018•山东日照)44. The boy was so careless that he made a big m____ in the exam.
44. mistake 【解析】句意:这个男孩太粗心,以至于他在考试中犯了一个大错误。前面有冠词a用单数,故填mistake。
(2018•山东日照)45. You’ll have to hurry if your want to c_______ that train.
45. catch 【解析】句意:如果你想赶那班火车,你得快点。catch赶上,追上。to后用动词原形,故填catch。
86. D      the summer vacation, we mustn’t go swimming alone in the river. It’s dangerous.
87. It has been 20 years s        I graduated from college.
88. Paul didn’t drive to the museum. I        , he rode his bike.
89. In s      , flowers come out and grass turns green.
90. Now all the students are w     down their resolutions and plans for the coming year in class.
90.writing【解析】由句意可知学生们正在写东西,又根据前面“are”可知填现在进行时,所以填write的现在进行时形式“writing” .

(2018•广西百色)81. May is the f___________ month of a year.
(2018•广西百色)82. Kitty, you’ve made some mistakes in this exam. Be more c________ next time.
(2018•广西百色)83. These days it usually rains, so you’d better take an u________ with you when you go out.
(2018•广西百色)84. Don’t worry, Lucy! I will r_________ you up before we set out.
(2018•广西百色)85. This kind of dictionary should be h________ to students. I want to buy one.
81. fifth  根据常识“五月是一年中第五个月份”可知横线处表达“第五”。
82. careful  根据上句“姬蒂,在这次考试中你已经犯了一些错误”可推知下句表达“下次要更认真”,因be后面接形容词,故填careful。
83. umbrella  根据前半句“这些天通常下雨”可知后半句表达“当你出去的时候最好随身带一把雨伞”。因横线前面有an,故填单数形式。
84. ring  根据固定搭配ring sb. up(给某人打电话)可知答案。
85. helpful 根据第二句话“我想要买一个”可知第一句话表达“这种词典应该对学生有帮助”。根据固定搭配be helpful to sb.(对……有帮助),可知答案。

71. (2018•广西贵港中考)The weather is s         today. Let’s go bike riding in the countryside.
72. (2018•广西贵港中考)Bob hasn’t seen Kim  s         they graduated from high school.
73. (2018•广西贵港中考)The classroom is e         now. All the students are in the music room.
74. (2018•广西贵港中考)The teacher will d         us into four groups to play the new game.
75. (2018•广西贵港中考)Thanksgiving is a public holiday in the United States in N        .
71. sunny【解析】今天阳光明媚,让我们去郊外骑自行车吧。
75. November【解析】感恩节在11月是美国的法定假日。
(2018•广西桂林)86. Lily is only two years old so she can’t r_______ a horse.
(2018•广西桂林)87. The first day of O_______ is Chinese National Day.
(2018•广西桂林)88. Spring Festival is one of Chinese t_______ Festivals.
(2018•广西桂林)89. Mr. Green a_______ a meeting and gave a speech yesterday.
(2018•广西桂林) 90. The government is s _______ up nature parks to protect pandas in the wild.  
 86. ride 87. October 88. traditional 89. attended 90. setting
(2018•广西河池) 79. Many students r________ bikes to school every day.
(2018•广西河池) 80. December is the t_______ month of the year.
79. ride  句意:很多学生每天喜欢骑自行车上学。
80. twelfth 句意:十二月是一年的第12月。

81. (2018•海南中考)Jack went to school without breakfast, so he is h        now.
82. (2018•海南中考) Look left and right to make sure it’s safe before you go a      the street.
83. (2018•海南中考)It’s a good habit to w        hands before meals.
81. hungry  82. across  83. wash

66. (2018•湖北荆门)As we know, May is the f      month of a year.
71.(2018•湖北荆门)Under the leadership of Chairman Xi, China will become much stronger
w      doubt.
73.(2018•湖北荆门) As a traditional festival, Mid-autumn Day is e      in China every year
66.fifth 71.without 73.celebrated

(2018•湖北随州)68. China is the biggest country in A         .
(2018•湖北随州)69. It's i          to speak loudly in public.
(2018•湖北随州)70. My bike is broken, my father is r          it.
        68. Asia        69. impolite        70. repairing

(2018•新疆)A. 根据首字母的提示补填单词,使句子完整、通顺。将完整的单词写在答题卷上。        
66. May is the f________ month of the year.
67. Anna is a cute girl, we all like h________.
68. Class begins! Listen carefully and a________ my questions.
69. I like playing basketball very much and I want to be a basketball p_________ in the future.
70. Bob is much t________ now, the jeans he wore last year are too short.
66. fifth  句意:五月是一年中的第5个月。故应用序数词fifth表示顺序。  
67. her   句意:Anna是一个可爱的女孩,我们都喜欢她。动词like后面需用代词宾格作宾语。主语Anna是女性,故填her。
68. answer  由句意及常识可知,课堂上应注意认真听讲、回答问题。本句是祈使句,由前面的Listen carefully and可知,此处应填动词原形answer。  
69. player  由前面的I like playing basketball very much可推知,将来我想当一名篮球运动员。故填名词player。
70. taller  由后半句the jeans he wore last year are too short可知,现在Bob的个子比以前高多了。副词much修饰形容词比较级表程度。故填taller。
(2018•浙江杭州)第一节:单词拼写(共 10 小题,每小题 1 分,满分 10 分)
61.My friend came over last night to watch the v           of football match that I’d recorded .
62.After a long day, Tom l           down on the bad and went to sleep.
63.The train was very c           with passengers, so we had to stand.
64.---Do you think more money should be given to education?
----C           !I couldn’t agree more.
65.Sorry, I’ve f           your phone number. Could you please tell me again?
66.Be p           . It takes time. You can become better by reading something you enjoy every day.
67.A square has for sides and four c           .
68.December is the t           and last month of the year.
69.The Chinese women’s volleyball team won a gold m           in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.
70.You will r               a warm welcome when you come to our village.
【答案】61. video / videos 62. lay 63. crowded 64. Certainly 65. forgotten 66. patient 67. corners 68. twelfth 69. medal 70. receive

(2018甘肃天水)21.Every coin has two s          . You should use the internet in a proper way.
(2018甘肃天水)22.Can you c            the poem from Du Fu into a song? I think it will be very wonderful.
(2018甘肃天水)23.Our government has p            children in poor areas with food for free since 2011.
21. sides 【解析】句意:每一枚钱币都有两面,所以你要用适当的方式使用网络。结合句意可知填名词side,前面有two,故用复数sides。
22. change  【解析】句意:你能把来自杜甫的诗变成一首歌曲吗?我认为它将会很精彩。change sth. into sth.把某物变成某物。情态动词后加动词原形,故填change。
23. provided 【解析】句意:自从2011年以来,我们的政府免费给贫困地区的孩子提供食物。固定用法:provide sb. with sth.意为“给某人提供某物”。由句中的since 2011可知:本句要用现在完成时,结合句中的has可知填provided。
51. Please open the w_______ and let some fresh air in.
52. The kind boy was happy to s________ his food with the hungry man.
53. To keep healthy, you should do sports and have a balanced d_______.
54. N________ cross the road when the traffic light is red.
55. By reading 30 minutes a day, you can learn more words and i_______ your writings.
56. The students are very h________. They clean houses for the old people every weekend.
51. window(s)  由常识可知,让新鲜空气进来,肯定是打开窗户;从首字母可知填window(s)。
52. share  句意:那个善良的孩子很高兴与饥饿的人分享食物。share… with与……分享。
53. diet  句意:为了保持健康,你应该进行运动并保持饮食平衡。
54. Never  句意:当红灯亮了的时候不要横穿公路。
55. improve  句意:每天阅读30分钟,你就能学到更多的单词并提高你的写作能力。
56. helpful  句意:这些学生们非常乐于助人,他们每周替这些老人打扫房子。
1. (2018•山东济宁) In the north of China, leaves usually fall down when a      comes.
2. (2018•山东济宁) A p      at a school is a place for students to play and do sports.
3. (2018•山东济宁) In China more and more people r      shared bikes to and from work.
4. (2018•山东济宁) Don't worry about the children. They are old enough to look after t     .
1. autumn  2. playground  3. ride  4. themselves  
51.(2018•山东泰安) —Cindy, what kind of restaurants do you like?
—I p____ restaurants that can provide customers with free Wi-Fi.
52.(2018•山东泰安) Mr. King is very p___. He often explains difficult problems many times until we understand.
53.(2018•山东泰安) It's d____ for people to use the mobile phone while crossing the street.

51. prefer52. patient/popular 53. dangerous

1.    (2018四川成都中考)I am c_______ wrong for sure. I have to do the research from the very beginning.
1.completely  考查副词。该空去掉之后题干句子完整,并且放在形容词wrong之前,判断为副词,结合含义填写completely。
  2. (2018四川成都中考)All the p_____ on the fight 3U 8633 feel very thankful for the quick decision made by the pilot.
2. passengers  考查名词。该空在冠词the之后,结合句子结构判断填写名词,根据下文的flight等含义提示,这里填写乘客,因为前面有all答案为passengers。
 3.(2018四川成都中考)The tour i_____ a visit to the Disneyland, so you needn't pay for the tickets.
3.  includes  考查动词。题干中的so之前为一个句子,该句子中缺动词,因此判断该空填写动词,结合含义so you needn't pay for the tickets.说明在行程中包括了迪士尼的路线。答案填includes。
4.    (2018四川成都中考)At last, Ann o______ her shyness and gave us a speech in public.
4. overcame  考查动词。题干中and前后并列两个句子,该空填写动词,结合下文含义gave us a speech in public,说明Ann克服了她的胆小害羞。答案填overcame。
5.    (2018四川成都中考)“Are you sure you can work out the problem yourself?”Peter asked me in d____.
5.  disbelief    考查名词。该空在介词之后,判断为名词。结合题干中的Are you sure..?表明是怀疑态度,答案填disbelief。

53. (2018•江苏宿迁) As a wonderful volleyball p __________, Zhu Ting is known to people all over the world.
53. player 句意:作为一位优秀的排球运动员,朱婷为全世界人所熟知。

(2018• 四川凉山)78. The story Yu Gong Moves a Mountain shows us that a        is possible if you work hard.
(2018 •四川凉山)79. Such bad books shouldn't be allowed to sell at any bookstore. They are h        to children.
(2018• 四川凉山)80. Grace will go to a u        for further education after she finishes high school.
78. anything    根据句意及首字母,“如果努力,任何事情皆有可能。”
79. harmful    句意“不允许在书店里销售如此不良的书,它们对孩子有害。”
80. university  根据句意及首字母,“上大学深造。”

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课件 w ww.
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