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w.5Y k J.cOM
课时训练(一) Units1—4(七上)
1.[2018•梧州] —What’s this in English?
—It’s apple.
A.a    B.an    C.the    D./
2.Miss Smith, who teaches us Chinese, is very kind. We all like .
A.it    B.her    C.him    D.them
3.My dream hometown is an amazing place any pollution.
A.with    B.without     C.out    D.in
4.[2018•徐州] —Would you like some coffee?
—No, thanks. I drink coffee.  
A.seldom    B.often    C.only    D.always
5.—Riding shared bikes is one of the best ways to exercise.
— . I often do it.
A.I disagree    B.That’s true    
C.I don’t think so    D.I’m afraid not
6.— can you finish this English exam?
—In about one and a half hours.
A.How far    B.How often    
C.How soon    D.How long
7.I love music. It often makes me great.
A.to feel    B.feel    C.feeling    D.feels
8.She is a p layer.She plays volleyball very .
A.good; well    B.good; good    
C.well;  well    D.well; good
9.—Why your friend late for school sometimes?
—Because she has to look after his little sister at home.
A.is    B.are    C.does    D.do
10.[2018•十堰] —Would you like to travel with me after this exam?
— . I can’t wait.
A.That’s all right    B.Of course not    
C.Yes, I’d lo ve to    D.What a pity
Grandma called me in from the yard. “Would you please go to the store for me? I’m ready to make cakes, and there isn’t enough yeast(酵母). Take a quarter from my little change 11 .” I found Grandma’s wallet and put the quarter in my pocket.  
I was soon in the little general store that 12 our farming community. “Mr. Jenkins,” I said, “Grandma needs some yeast.” Mr. Jenkins set three cakes of yeast on the cou nter. His  eyes shone, and he 13 at me. “And what else do you need?” I knew what he meant. I was always allowed to pick a penny candy when I came to the store  with Grandma.“ How much 14 do I have from a quarter?” I asked. “Seven cents.” Mr. Jenkins replied. I thought 15 that quickly. I would have a nickel and two pennies back. I was sure Grandma wouldn’t 16 if I spent one penny, and if she were here, she might even say I could have them both. The 17 I looked at the candy display, the more certain I became that I needed two pennies’ worth as a reward for coming to the store alone. And I did so.
“Thank you,” Grandma said when I 18 the yeast on the table. “Did you put the change back in my wallet?” “Yes, Grandma.” I replied, hurrying out to the yard. “I hadn’t really lied to Grandma,” I argued with myself. “I did 19 all the change I had.”
But I had 20 two pennies without Grandma’s permission(允许). The second piece of candy in my pocket didn’t sound like a good idea any more. I knew I had lied to G randma, and I was 21 about it. Grandma loved me so much that I couldn’t bear to keep anything from her.
22 Grandma took the hot cakes from the oven, I told her about the candy. She 23 when I finished my story. “I know just 24 you feel,” she said. “We all feel like that when we’ve done 25 deceitful(欺骗的). I’m glad you told me about the pennies, and of course I’ll forgive you.” Grandma hugged me tight, and suddenly I felt as though a big stone was gone from my stomach.
11.A.handbag    B.coat    C.wallet    D.pocket
12.A.gave    B.serv ed    C.offered    D.bought
13.A.laughed    B.shouted    C.smiled    D.pointed
14.A.dollars    B.pound    C.cents    D.change
15.A.as    B.to    C.out    D.about
16.A.care    B.use    C.think    D.like
17.A.bigger    B.longer    C.less    D.shorter
18.A.lied    B.laid    C.lay    D.lain
19.A.put back    B.put in    C.put out    D.put up
20.A.found    B.cost    C.spent    D.took
21.A.glad    B.unhappy    C.relaxed    D.surprised
22.A.Since    B.When    C.If    D.Though
23.A.shook    B.refused    C.agreed    D.nodded
24.A.where    B.why    C.how    D.when
25.A.something    B.nothing    C.anybody    D.everybody
Ⅲ.[2018•淮安 ]阅读理解
Once upon a time, a young man wanted to go to a village on business. Halfway there was a mountain. Before he left home, his family warned him to stay calm and climb onto trees if he was in face of beasts(野兽). In this way, the beasts couldn’t do anything to him.
The young man remembered these words and began his trip.
He walked for a long time carefully and found no beasts were out there. he thought his family’s worries were unnecessary. And he became relaxed as he walked. Just at that moment, he saw a fierce(凶猛的) tiger running to him and he climbed onto a tree nearby at once.
The tiger roared(咆哮) around the tree and even jumped to  reach the man. The young man was too scared to hold the tree and fell right on the back of the tiger. Full of fear, he had to hold the tiger tightly. The tiger thought that must be a giant beast. So it was afraid and started running madly.
People on the road didn’t know what happened and said, “Look at the young man. He is riding a tiger!” “Cool!” “Superman!”
Hearing these words, the young man was very angry. “Why can’t they see I’m suffering a lot? Don’t they understand I am in fear and almost scared to death?” he said to himself.
26.The young man went to the village .
A.to travel    B.to visit friends    
C.on business    D.for holiday
27.The young man’s family warned him of .
A.fierce beasts    B.terrible traffic    
C.cold weather    D.foolish people
28.How did the young man feel when he saw the tiger?
A.Excited.    B.Scared.    
C.Surprised.    D.Bored.
29.The tiger was afraid because .
A.it was old and weak
B.the young man was very strong    
C.it thought people around would kill it
D.it mistook the young man for a giant beast
30.What can we learn from the la st two paragraphs?
A.People on the road were wise.
B.The young man was very brave.    
C.We shouldn’t admire others blindly.
D.The young man shouldn’t listen to his family.
31.[2018•南京] —What’s the (日期) today, Millie?
—It’s 17 June. Oh, tomorrow is Dragon  Boat Festival.
32.My grandfather often (看) TV after  dinner.
33.Yao Ming plays basketball very well. He is one of my (偶像).
34.I like reading very much. I often b my favourite books from the school library.  
35.My brother dislikes fish, so he (not often) eats it.
36.Shi Yuqi, a badminton (play) from Jiangsu, helped China win the 2018 Thomas Cup.
37.[2018•武威] I have already asked him (two), but he hasn’t given me any reply.
38.I have many (hobby), such as swimming, painting.
39.It usually takes me half an hour (finish) my homework every day.
40.Reading often (make) me feel great.
He is a hard-working student and he   school.
Let me  our school.
What do you do  ?
Working hard can make your dream  .
They are  the picnic at the weekend.

Ⅰ.1.B 考查冠词用法。apple是以元音音素开头的单词,故其前用an。
2.B 3.B 4.A
5.B 考查情景交际。I disagree意为“我不同意”;That’s true意为“的确是这样;是真的”; I don’t think so意为“我不这样认为”;I’m afraid not意为“我恐怕不能”。根据“I often do it.”可知:答语赞成对方的看法。故选B。
6.C 7.B 8.A 9.A 10.C
Ⅱ.[主旨大意] 本文是一篇记叙文。文章讲述了作者去帮奶奶买酵母的时候,在没有得到奶奶允许的情况下,花了两便士买了糖果。回到家的时候没有告诉奶奶真相。但最后还是把这个事情告诉了奶奶,也得到了奶奶的原谅。这个故事告诉我们做人要诚实,不能撒谎。
11.C 考查名词辨析。根据文章中“I found Grandma’s wallet and put the quarter in my pocket.”可知,是在钱包里拿零钱,故选C。
13.C 考查动词辨析。根据前句“His eyes shone”可知,这位店主朝“我”微笑,smile at sb意为“朝某人微笑”,故选C。
14.D 15.D
16.A 考查动词辨析。根据后文“…and if she were here, she might even say I could have them both.”可推知,“我”如果花费一便士,奶奶是不会在意的,动词care意为“在乎,在意”,故选A。
17.B 18.B 19.A 20.C
21.B 考查形容词辨析。根据前句“I knew I had lied to Grandma”可知,“我”对奶奶撒谎了,“我”感到不高兴。故选B。
22.B 23.D 24.C 25.A
Ⅲ.[主旨大意] 本文是一篇记叙文。讲述了一位年轻人到一个山村经商路遇老虎与老虎周旋的故事。文章告诉人们不一定眼见为实。
26.C 细节理解题。短文第一句话说明年轻人去一个村子经商。故选C。
27.A 细节理解题。根据第一段“…his family warned him to stay calm and climb onto trees if he was in face of beasts.”可知选A。
29.D 推理判断题。由“The tiger thought that must be a giant beast. So it was afraid and started running madly.”可知选D。
30.C 推理判断题。短文最后两段叙述的是路人以为年轻人骑着老虎是超人,而年轻人则吓得要命。故选C项,“我们不应当盲目地赞美别人”。
Ⅳ.31.date 32.watches 33.heroes 34.borrow 35.seldom
Ⅴ.36.player 37.twice 38.hobbies 39.to finish
Ⅵ.41.is never late for 42.show you around
43.in your spare time 44.come  true 45.getting ready for

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